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Last year, SME Beyond Borders took a conscious decision to give itself a new face considering rapid technological advancement, the country’s increasing focus on the future and the displacement of everything we traditionally thought was important. We wanted to become more meaningful, relevant and have conversations that meant something to the SME community.

That’s when SME Beyond Borders: 4X was born. We decided that we wanted to dedicate an entire day to explore what the future has in store for us. The foreseeable, realistic future i.e. four years from now. The 4X concept was a brilliant starting point, but we promised ourselves (and the larger SME ecosystem) that we would never stop evolving. Any conversation relating to the future must constantly change to make sense and that’s why this year we’ve taken into consideration all the lessons, feedback and suggestions from last year to present to you SME Beyond Borders: 10X.

So, why 10X? SME 10X is, in our view, the natural progression after 4X. We want to widen our vision and more importantly align it with the vision of the country’s leadership. SME 10X represents a vision for 10 years into the future, and this platform is meant to present strategies that will help us all achieve it.

Over the course of ONLY 10 carefully curated sessions, attendees at this year’s SME Beyond Borders: 10X will hear from international as well as local icons, who have a story to share. Every conversation will be centred around an idea that is shaping the evolution of business and isn’t just claiming to be the next big thing.

Ready or not, here we come!